More Crowdfunding Frustration, Insurance for Sharers, E-Commerce’s Next Act: April 9

Illustration by André da Loba

Frustration and hostility surfaced at a crowdfunding forum in Washington, D.C., as entrepreneurs and regulators met and discussed the Securities and Exchange Commission’s delay in writing rules governing equity crowdfunding, J.D. Harrison reports. [Washington Post]

Richard Nieva writes about startup insurance companies that are looking for ways to sell policies designed for the sharing economy. [PandoDaily]

Colorado lawmakers are considering a bill aimed at keeping small businesses from self-insuring employees, according to John Tozzi. [Bloomberg Businessweek]

Glen Hellman lists five ways venture capital investments can come back to haunt companies that take the money. [VentureBeat]

E-commerce isn’t played out, says First Round Capital’s Josh Kopelman, whose firm is an investor in Fab, Warby Parker, and Birchbox. [Bloomberg Television]

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