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The Real Story Behind Bubba Watson's Hovercraft

The sunglass maker engineers a stunt to get lots of eyeballs for its brand
The Real Story Behind Bubba Watson's Hovercraft
Image via YouTube

On April 2, eyewear and apparel maker Oakley posted a YouTube video titled “Bubba’s Hover” that shows last year’s Masters champion Bubba Watson zipping around a golf course in a hovercraft. “It takes you everywhere you want to go, through sand traps, through waters, shortcuts, into the woods, out of the woods,” Watson says of his upgrade from the standard four-wheeled golf cart.

The video is real. Or at least, that’s really Watson zipping across a water hazard at Raven Golf Club in Phoenix. But it is not, as the clip suggests, the result of his idea for “improving some of the limitations of existing golf carts.” Instead, it’s the result of Oakley’s idea of creating a viral video to promote one of its athletes. Oakley wanted it to get passed around. As of this morning, it has been watched more than 3 million times. The company also wanted people like me to call. I did.