The 'Hunter S. Thompson of Real Estate' Chronicles the Bust—and Boom

Jim the Realtor blogged about Southern California’s collapse. Now he’s capitalizing on the rebound
Klinge prepares to document an open house in the San Diego suburbs Photograph by Damon Casarez for Bloomberg Businessweek

Jim Klinge sighed as he made his way through a foreclosed home littered with empty bottles of rum and mattresses. It was 2008, and Klinge, a real estate agent, was filming a YouTube video for his blog documenting the housing crash in the cul-de-sacs and condos north of San Diego. As he opened a closet, daylight illuminated walls splattered with black mold spores, like a tie-dye project gone awry. “Oh, lovely,” Klinge said. “People were living in here like this, looks like. They were lucky to make it out alive.”

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