North Korea Rattles the Saber, and Markets Shrug

A 2008 file photo released by U.S. researchers who visited the Yongbyon Nuclear Center in Yongbyon, North Korea Photograph by W.K. Luse/AP Photo

The tensions between North and South Korea heightened again on April 3, with the regime of Kim Jong Un preventing South Korean workers from going to an industrial zone in the North jointly run by both sides. The move—the first time since 2009 that North Korea stopped workers from going to the Gaesong complex—comes after the North said on March 30 it might close the park. The closing is part of a bigger attempt by new North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to disrupt life in the South. The North Koreans have said the annual U.S.-South Korean military drills (going on till the end of the month) have brought the peninsula to the brink of war, and on April 2 the North said it would rev up facilities at a nuclear site shut since 2007.

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