Harvard’s Search of E-Mail Account Wider Than Reported

Harvard University’s search of a resident dean’s e-mail for leaks to the media was wider than the school originally said.

Last month, Harvard said it had searched administrative e-mail accounts of 16 resident deans, who sit on a board that probes student infractions, to see who had forwarded a confidential e-mail cited by the Crimson student newspaper. Evelynn Hammonds, dean of Harvard College, told a faculty meeting today that officials searched both the administrative account and the individual account of one of the deans.

In September, Harvard began investigating dozens of students for possible cheating on a take-home final exam. Harvard’s probe of the leak showed that one resident dean forwarded an e-mail to two students seeking advice about how best to respond to the cheating investigation. While the resident dean wasn’t disciplined, professors were angered by the school’s probe of faculty communications.

The Boston Globe reported the news earlier today.

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