Immigrant Workers, Syrup Farmers, Happy Freelancers: April 2

Illustration by André da Loba

The immigration reform deal announced at the end of last week has a flaw, writes Elizabeth Dwoskin: There’s a carrot for workers to seek a legal path to immigration, but there’s no stick to punish employers who hire illegal immigrants. [Bloomberg Businessweek]

The season for tapping maple syrup is, on average, five days shorter than it was 50 years ago, according to Julia Scott, but better technology is allowing farmers to produce more syrup. [New York Times]

Scott Shane has three reasons why sequestration won’t hurt small businesses as much as some would have you believe. [Small Business Trends]

Rae Ann Fera solicited advice on how to be a happy and successful freelancer. [Fast Company]

David Tisch, an angel investor at BoxGroup and a co-founder of TechStars New York, says the proliferation of startup accelerators should send venture capitalists looking elsewhere for the next billion-dollar tech company. [Bloomberg Television]

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