French Farm-Production Costs Rose 6.2% in February on Feed Price

French farm-production costs rose 6.2 percent in February, boosted by a jump in expenses for livestock feed, the Agriculture Ministry reported.

An index of agricultural-input costs climbed to 139.5 gfrom 131.3 in February 2012, the ministry wrote in a report on its website today. The cost of agricultural inputs rose 6.5 percent in the first two months of 2013, it said.

The cost of animal feed, which makes up about a quarter of the index, surged 20 percent year-on-year, according to the report. Seed costs climbed 4.2 percent, while expenses for energy and lubricants were little changed.

“The increase from a year earlier is linked to the continued rise of the price of animal feed,” the ministry wrote.

The index for fertilizer, accounting for 12 percent of farming costs, increased 0.8 percent in February, while pesticide expenses rose 0.6 percent, the report showed.

Costs for livestock breeders who keep pigs, cattle and poultry indoors surged 17 percent, while those who graze their animals saw expenses climb 6.4 percent, according to the ministry. Farmers of commodity crops saw costs climb 2.2 percent in February from a year earlier.

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