How the Experts Would Fix the Water Supply

Five experts debate the future of mankind’s most important commodity
From left, Ahmet Bozer, Jae So, Carlos Riva, Thomas Powers, Jeff Sterba Photograph by Aaron Richter for Bloomberg Businessweek

Is water the new oil? Population growth and agricultural demand, combined with aging infrastructure and waste, have produced water scarcity in many countries. Prices are rising, and the lack of a dependable water supply is a massive health and economic issue. So how do we fix our water quality and management problems? That’s the question Bloomberg Businessweek Chairman Norman Pearlstine put to our panel: Ahmet Bozer, President, Coca-Cola International; Jae So, Manager, World Bank Water and Sanitation Program; Carlos Riva, CEO, Poseidon Water; Thomas Powers, Commissioner of Water Management, Chicago; and Jeff Sterba, President and CEO, American Water. Their conversation has been condensed and edited.

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