New President Xi Says China’s Growth Must Be Shared More Fairly

President Xi Jinping told delegates of the country’s parliament that the ruling Communist Party must fulfill the “Chinese dream” and share the benefits of economic growth more equally.

“Chinese people living in our great motherland and this great era shall share the chance of living a splendid life, share the chance of realizing the dream, share the chance of growing and improving along with the motherland,” Xi told the closing session of the National People’s Congress.

Xi, who replaced Hu Jintao as president March 14, vowed to fight corruption, work to improve ties between the mainland and Taiwan, and maintain friendly relations with other nations. He also said that China must be led by the Communist Party and the military must “listen to the party’s command.”

Xi and newly selected Premier Li Keqiang are set to oversee the world’s second-biggest economy for the next decade. Li is set to hold a briefing later today.

— With assistance by Michael Forsythe

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