Bank of Japan Nomination Upper House Voting Intentions: Table

Japan’s upper house of parliament votes March 15 on the government’s nomination for Bank of Japan governor and two deputy governors. The lower house, where the ruling coalition has about a two-thirds majority, votes March 14.

A nominee needs 118 votes to pass the upper house. Haruhiko Kuroda, the Asian Development Bank president, is the nominee for governor. Hiroshi Nakaso, a career BOJ staffer and current executive director, is the candidate for one deputy job and Kikuo Iwata, a long-time critic of the bank who advocates greater stimulus, the other. ===============================================================================

Party voting intentions

Number Political Parties & Groups in the of Haruhiko Kikuo Hiroshi Upper House Members Kuroda Iwata Nakaso =============================================================================== Ruling Coalition (Liberal Democratic 102 Y Y Y Party & New Komeito Party) The Democratic Party 87 Y N Y Your Party 12 N Y N People’s Life Party 8 N N Y Japanese Communist Party 6 N N N Green Wind 5 Social Democratic Party 4 N N Y Japan Restoration Party 3 Y Y N The People’s New Party 2 New Renaissance Party 2 Y Y Y Independents 5 INCUMBENTS 236 Vacancies 6 Total number of seats 242 Total projected votes for each nominee 194 119 203 =============================================================================== NOTE: Actual results will depend on whether lawmakers follow the party’s official recommendation.

Source: Bloomberg news data, based on upper house website

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