Small Caps Stall, NYC's Soda Ban Blocked, NVCA Seeks New Chief: March 12

Nearly 80 percent of publicly traded U.S. corporations are valued at less than $500 million, writes Adam J. Epstein, but the markets they rely on to raise capital are broken. [Bloomberg Businessweek]

The Small Business Administration proposed rule changes that would make its lending programs accessible to more companies, Robb Mandelbaum reports. [The New York Times]

Sarah Lacy asks Mark Heesen, outgoing president of the National Venture Capital Association, about the past, present, and future of the venture capital industry. [PandoDaily]

New York’s ban on large sizes of sugary soft drinks won’t take effect on Tuesday, March 12, because a state judge blocked the plan, report Chris Dolmetsch and Henry Goldman. [Bloomberg News]

Victoria Silchenko foresees a near future in which crowdfunding is the “catalyst for practically every project or venture that requires seed capital.” [The Huffington Post]

Jon Erlichman reports from SXSW on how the interactive portion of the annual festival has become a must-attend for the tech crowd. [Bloomberg Television]

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