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Because Employees Can't Be Trusted

Because Employees Can't Be Trusted
Photograph by Ryan McVay

Because employees can’t be trusted, we have put in place a massive system of policies and controls to make sure no one steps out of line. It costs hundreds of millions of shareholder and customer dollars to manage this system, but it must be worth it because we’re so certain our employees are untrustworthy—notwithstanding the fact that we hired every one of them ourselves.

We run people through online honesty tests, writing tests, background checks, and drug tests, but we must have hard evidence that employees still can’t be trusted. If we didn’t have that evidence, why would we subject every one of our employees to soul-crushing, forced-ranking exercises and constant performance appraisals? If our leadership behavior is any guide, our employees are not to be trusted—not for a femtosecond.