Sequester Cuts, the Next Groupon, and Is SXSW Worth the Trip? March 6

Gabrielle Karol asks whether SXSW is still worth the trip for startups. [Fox Small Business]

The Small Business Administration must cut $92 million from its budget under the across-the-board deficit reduction plan known as sequestration. [Entrepreneur]

Jeff Haden collects favorite interview questions from 14 founders and chief executive officers, including Le Bernardin chef Eric Ripert and HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes. [Inc.]

The data told Marissa Mayer to ban Yahoo! employees from working from home, writes Nicholas Carlson. [Business Insider]

Sarah Lacy says we’ll see a Groupon 2.0—meaning, another innovative company that seeks to shake up the customer acquisition process for small businesses. [PandoDaily]

John Greathouse says your city isn’t the next Silicon Valley—and offers video of his recent talk with fellow venture capitalist Mark Suster about how Santa Barbara established its own startup identity. [Forbes]

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