Ikea Resumes Sale of Wiener Sausages as Tests Show No Horse Meat

Ikea Group said it has resumed selling wiener sausages in the five markets where the company temporarily halted sales of the product, after tests found no indications of traces of horse meat in the sausages. * Ikea is “closely following our supplier’s actions to find the root cause of presence of horse meat in meatballs” * Supplier found “suspected source and the meat raw material used for the wiener sausages are not from this source” * Sale of meatballs produced by Swedish supplier still halted *Ikea comments in e-mailed statement today * NOTE: Ikea on Feb. 27 temporarily stopped sale of wiener sausages in U.K., France, Spain, Ireland and Portugal as they were produced by same Swedish company that supplied Ikea with meatballs that contained traces of horse meat * NOTE: Ikea on Feb. 25 said it had stopped all sales of meatballs in all markets supplied by its Swedish producer; Czech inspectors on same date found undeclared traces of horse DNA in meatballs produced in Sweden * NOTE: Gunnar Dafgaard AB, Ikea’s Swedish meatball supplier, said March 5 that meat used in products that contained horse meat came from Polish slaughterhouses via a Swedish co.

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