Nate Silver Gets Hero's Welcome From Sports Nerds

Nate Silver holds his phone and uses his laptop at a hotel in Chicago after the 2012 elections Photograph by Nam Y. Huh/AP Photo

Every spring for the past seven years, the stat geeks of the sporting world have gathered in Boston for the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, or “Dorkapalooza” as sportswriter Bill Simmons famously dubbed it. As analytics have moved to the fore in sports, the event has grown into a kind of Oscars for sports nerds. Nothing quite says you’ve made it among number crunchers like sitting on a panel at Sloan. This year, 2,700 attendees are expected for the pageant. Most of them packed into a ballroom at the Boston Convention Center this morning to see Nate Silver get the equivalent of a nerd lifetime achievement award.

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