Apax CEO Sees a Revival in Mega Deals as Fundraising Rebounds

Apax Partners LLP Chief Executive Officer Martin Halusa said he expects the number of “mega deals” to increase as fundraising by private equity firms rebounds and debt financing for dealmaking increases.

“The great recession in terms of fundraising is really over and heading towards a period perhaps more like 2004, 2005 in terms of amounts of money raised,” he said at the SuperReturn International conference in Berlin today. “Larger commitments will be made to fewer firms.”

Investment banks may be able to provide debt financing of as much as 15 billion, he added, without specifying which currency he was referring to.

“That would seduce private equity firms into looking at very large deals again,” he said. “However, I believe the recession has taught most of the firms that would do mega deals to be much more careful particularly on the debt side.”

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