Russia to Ship 17 ESPO Crude Cargoes From Kozmino in April

Russia plans to ship 17 cargoes of East Siberia-Pacific Ocean crude, or ESPO, from the Pacific port of Kozmino in April, according to a final loading program obtained by Bloomberg News.

Kozmino, in the country’s Far East, will load 1.7 million metric tons of ESPO blend in 100,000 ton lots, or about 415,367 barrels a day, one cargo less than planned for March. Two of the cargoes will be transported by rail and the rest through the ESPO pipeline.

The ESPO pipeline, Russia’s most expensive infrastructure project, starts at fields in east Siberia. A second phase of the venture was completed in December that expanded the pipeline’s capacity and also extended the link to the Pacific coast, at Kozmino, thereby lessening the need for rail trucks.

The April program also includes one 100,000 ton rail cargo for loading at Kozmino April 30 to May 3 and a partial rail cargo of 32,000 tons that will be topped up at Kozmino in May.

Loading programs are monthly schedules of crude shipments compiled by field operators to allow buyers and sellers to plan their supply and trading activities.