Egypt Youth Group Enters Mursi in Competition to Go to Moon

Mohamed Mursi, Islamist president of the moon?

That’s what the April 6 youth activist group, which ranks among the Egyptian leader’s fiercest critics, is hoping. The group said it had signed Mursi up to the AXE Apollo Space Academy’s website, giving the U.S.-trained engineer a chance to win a trip to space.

“Certainly, there’s no one in the universe who would put up with the lies that are evident and the broken promises other than the dear youths of the moon,” the group said on its Facebook page, while calling on its supporters to cast their votes for Mursi.

April 6, along with secular parties and other youth activist movements, contends Mursi has steamrolled over rights, focusing on cementing the Muslim Brotherhood’s strength in government at the expense of broader national interests and reviving the economy.

There was no immediate response from Mursi’s office to an e-mail seeking comment.

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