Slovenian Coalition Member to Support Vote Against Government

Slovenia’s People’s party, a member of Prime Minister Janez Jansa’s coalition government, will support a no confidence vote in the Cabinet that could lead to early elections, TV Slovenija reported, citing leader Radovan Zerjav.

The party decided it won’t be part of a technical administration that is being pushed by the largest opposition party Positive Slovenia, Zerjav was quoted as saying by the public broadcaster late yesterday.

The People’s party has said it will leave Jansa’s coalition after two groups already abandoned the government, leaving it short of the 46-vote majority needed in the 90-member assembly to pass legislation.

Slovenia was plunged into a political crisis over corruption allegations against Jansa as the euro-region nation works on a bank recapitalization plan and other overhaul measures that are meant to help avoid an international bailout and pull its economy out of the second recession in three years.

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