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Target Makes an Odd Fit in SI's Swimsuit Issue

Swimwear model Kate Upton
Swimwear model Kate UptonPhotograph by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

It’s Kate Upton! Again! This time the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover, which hits news stands Tuesday, has her in Antarctica, showcasing her substantial cleavage with a perky snow-white parka that looks great against the matching icebergs and bikini bottoms. (I wore Gore-Tex and fleece when I got there in my early twenties, but I was posing for my mother, not millions of men.)

SI, understandably, doesn’t count on me to buy its swimsuit issue. But, oddly, this year SI does seem to be targeting me with a 12-page style guide sponsored by Target. That’s right: Nestled amid the naked supermodels posing in body paint is an ad-sponsored supplement from the discount retailer that shows women how they, too, can attain that tousled, come-hither look when they’re heading to the beach.

Photograph by Sports Illustrated/Derek Kettela via AP Photo