Obama Calls North Korea Test Provocative, Vows Swift Action

U.S. President Barack Obama called North Korea’s nuclear test a threat to regional stability that undermines United Nations Security Council resolutions and warrants “swift and credible” action by the international community, according to a White House statement.

“North Korea’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs constitute a threat to U.S. national security and to international peace and security,” Obama said in the statement released early today in Washington.

Vowing “firm action,” Obama said the U.S. would remain vigilant in the “face of North Korean provocations” and stick by its security commitments to allied nations in the region. The president said the U.S. would continue to take the necessary steps to defend itself and allies.

North Korea said it conducted the underground nuclear test today, according to a statement from the state-run Korean Central News Agency. The blast at 11:57 a.m. local time was bigger than the country’s previous two tests, according to South Korea’s national security adviser, Chun Yung Woo, who spoke in a televised briefing from Seoul.

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