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Five Signs Your Star Employee Is About to Leave

Five Signs Your Star Employee Is About to Leave
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Corporate leadership is no cakewalk these days, with competitors nipping at your heels and customers, vendors and investors clamoring for your attention. As a leader, you have some sources of gratification besides the paycheck. (After all, when do you have time to spend it?) One of the aspects of a leadership job most frequently cited as a source of satisfaction is the ability to cultivate a protégé (or more than one).

It’s exciting to watch a person on your team develop into a seasoned pro, to help an employee get management wings, or to see one become a subject-matter expert. Those satisfying moments make your investment of time and energy in a star employee worthwhile. That’s why for a leader, there are few things more frustrating than walking into work on a Monday morning to find your star employee giving two weeks’ notice—when you had no idea he or she was job-hunting.