Serbia Plans State Incentives to Boost Software Industry Growth

Serbia will offer incentives to software companies to lure as many as 50,000 engineers after the industry’s exports rose to 2.3 percent of all sales abroad.

The offer includes as much as 25,000 euros of grants for startup projects, a 30-percent cut in health and unemployment contributions and tax incentives for research and development, Finance Minister Mladjan Dinkic said in Belgrade today.

“Lower taxes and contributions are key for economic recovery” and if the program proves successful, it could be expanded to other industries, Dinkic told reporters today.

The industry, where 6,000 people have formal and an estimated 50,000 informal employment, exported 200 million euros ($268 million) of software in 2012, Dinkic said.

In 2008 Serbia declared automotive, electronics and information technologies industries as priority sectors for its economic growth.

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