Gruh Finance & Raymonds CP:India Money Markets

By Shraddha Kothari

February 6.(Bloomberg) -- Following is a table showing commercial paper reported by Companies. The data has been provided by LKP Securities Ltd., NVS Brokerage Ltd., SPA Securities Ltd & Trust Financial Consultancy Services.

Date           Security        Mty Date   Qty      Rate Buyer   Contributor
06-Feb-13      SHRIRAM EQUIP   26-Mar-13  25       8.50 L&T MF  TFCS
06-Feb-13      SHRIRAM EQUIP   26-Mar-13  50       8.50         TFCS
06-Feb-13      SHRIRAM EQUIP   MAR-13              8.50         LKPS
06-Feb-13      BPCL            26-Mar-13           8.09         LKPS
06-Feb-13      BPCL            26-Mar-13  700      8.09         NVSB
06-Feb-13      IOC             20-Mar-13           8.08         NVSB
06-Feb-13      RAYMONDS        MAR-13              8.60         LKPS
06-Feb-13      IOC             20-Mar-13           8.08         LKPS
06-Feb-13      GIC HOUSING FIN 2 MONTHS            9.41         LKPS
06-Feb-13      GIC HOUSING FIN 17-Apr-13  75       9.41         SPAS
06-Feb-13      NFL             25-Mar-13           8.49         NVSB
06-Feb-13      NFL             25-Mar-13           8.49         SPAS
06-Feb-13      L&T FINANCE     MAY-13     25       9.50         NVSB
06-Feb-13      ABFL            2 MONTHS   75       9.48         NVSB
06-Feb-13      ABFL            2 MONTHS   75       9.48         SPAS
06-Feb-13      GRUH FINANCE    26-Mar-13  125      8.40         NVSB
06-Feb-13      ABFL            2 MONTHS            9.48         LKPS

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