HDFC Bank & Indian Oil CP:India Money Markets

By Shraddha Kothari

February 4.(Bloomberg) -- Following is a table showing commercial paper reported by Companies. The data has been provided by LKP Securities Ltd., NVS Brokerage Ltd. and SPA Securities Ltd.

Date           Security      Mty Date   Qty       Rate Buyer  Contributor
04-Feb-13      CHAMBAL FERT. 21-Mar-13  100       8.20        NVSB
04-Feb-13      CHAMBAL FERT. MAR-13     100       8.20        LKPS
04-Feb-13      IOC           20-Mar-13  300       8.02        NVSB
04-Feb-13      BPCL          25-Mar-13            8.01        NVSB
04-Feb-13      IOC           20-Mar-13            8.02        LKPS
04-Feb-13      BPCL          25-Mar-13            8.01        LKPS
04-Feb-13      TATA CAP      6 MONTHS   25        9.30        SPAS
04-Feb-13      IOC           20-Mar-13            8.02        SPAS
04-Feb-13      BPCL          25-Mar-13  400       8.01        SPAS
04-Feb-13      L&T FINANCE   END FEB    200       8.13        NVSB
04-Feb-13      L&T INFRA     INTRA MNTH 100       8.13        NVSB
04-Feb-13      M&M FINANCE   MAR-13               8.20        NVSB
04-Feb-13      HDFC          JUNE-13    1000      9.49        NVSB
04-Feb-13      HDFC          JUNE-13              9.49        LKPS

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