Czech, Slovak Day-Ahead Power Declines With German Contract

Day-ahead electricity in the Czech Republic and Slovakia declined along with comparable prices in Germany.

Day-ahead electricity on the coupled markets of the Czech Republic and Slovakia fell 5.4 percent to 32.78 euros ($44.47) a megawatt-hour in a daily auction, according to the countries’ market operators. German next-day electricity declined 6.3 percent to 32.80 euros a megawatt-hour.

Hungarian day-ahead power slumped 32 percent to 32.95 euros a megawatt-hour.

Polish day-ahead electricity for the next day was little changed at 148.01 zloty ($48.14) a megawatt-hour, exchange data compiled by Bloomberg show. Increased power exports and unplanned outages were offset by an expected rise in wind output. Wind speeds in Warsaw may rise to 26 kilometers (16 miles) per hour tomorrow, double the 10-year average of 13 kph, according to CustomWeather Inc. data on Bloomberg.

Polish power for 2014 increased 0.3 percent to 163.50 zloty a megawatt-hour, broker data on Bloomberg showed.

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