Croatia Completed All Requirements for July EU Entry, Pusic Says

Croatia has completed all requirements needed for its European Union entry on July 1 ahead of the European Commission’s final assessment in the spring, Foreign Minister Vesna Pusic said.

European Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule on Oct. 10 outlined 10 areas in which Croatia needed to improve, such as completing the sale of state-owned shipyards, enhancing border crossings with Bosnia-Herzegovina on the Adriatic coast, and improving conflict-of-interest and freedom-of-information laws.

“Our last remaining issue was the sale of shipyards, and that is resolved,” Pusic told reporters in Brussels today.

Croatia is set to become the 28th member of the world’s largest trading bloc nine years after Slovenia became the first former Yugoslav republic to join the EU.

The Adriatic nation, which is trying to emerge out of its second recession in two years, stands to receive 10 billion euros ($13.5 billion) in EU funds through 2020.

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