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CellTex Says It's Moving Its Stem Cell Business to Mexico

CellTex founders David Eller (left) and Stanley Jones
CellTex founders David Eller (left) and Stanley JonesPhotograph by Thomas Prior for Bloomberg Businessweek

CellTex Therapeutics, the Houston company that opened one of the first commercial stem-cell labs in the country in 2011, then closed it after a warning from regulators last fall, issued surprising news this week. The company sent its patients a cheery e-mail saying that it is going to be working with doctors in Mexico—instead of the U.S.—to provide its unapproved treatment.

“We are happy to report we are bringing this technology to Mexico,” CellTex wrote in its note. “We anticipate that we will be able to offer our stem cell therapy services to physicians in Mexico starting very soon! These winter-time trips to beautiful, sunny locations in Mexico to build these relationships have been an added benefit!” The company declined to comment further.