Iran’s Larijani Says Direct Talks With U.S. Not a ‘Red Line’

Parliamentary Speaker Ali Larijani said his nation does not consider direct negotiations with the U.S. as a “red line,” the state-run Al-Alam news channel reported.

“Political developments that have taken place in the U.S. may lead to a new direction,” Larijani said in an interview posted on the television channel’s website’s yesterday. “We can comment on the U.S actions and we need to see what steps U.S. authorities will be taking.”

“On whether negotiations with the U.S. is a red line for Iran, no we never said this,” Larijani said after being asked whether talks between the two countries may take place during President Barack Obama’s second term, according to Al-Alam.

Iran and U.S. have had no diplomatic ties in over three decades and are at loggerheads over the Persian Gulf nation’s nuclear program, which the U.S. administration and its allies say may conceal the development of atomic weapons. Iranian authorities have rejected the charge and say their nuclear program is civilian.

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