Formerly Known as RIM, Young Micha Is Your Nightmare

The BlackBerry 10 at the device's launch in New York on Jan. 30 Photograph by Scott Eells/Bloomberg

Technology, says Malcolm Gladwell, can move faster than our understanding of it, so being second or even third allows businesses to understand the evolution of what people actually want (witness, he says, the evolution between the first mainstream social network Friendster, MySpace which came after it, and then Facebook).

—Neil Perkin, ”Sometimes It’s Good to Be Third,” FUTURELAB, November 11, 2012.

The duopoly of hardware does not allow for third. I held the Formerly Known as RIM 10 in my hand today. Digital klutz that I am, young Micha, a Bloomberg Television road warrior, had to instruct. The feel, the camera-ness of it is quite impressive.

A few (W. Mossberg of the WSJ, he of the bet-the-company move) “like” the BlackBerry 10. Some suggest the battery life is dead-on-arrival, the software stuff suspect. Several suggest good luck (The Verge, CNET).

Our Rich Jaroslovsky waxes plus-plus on a back-from-the-dead toy “shot through with features.”

The gurus opine.

I will listen to youth. And that means, good luck BlackBerry in your Mt. Everest climb. “IPhone and Android users won’t switch. But I’m a BlackBerry person. So I like it.”

Forget the tech elites. Formerly known as RIM, young Micha is your nightmare. Discuss.

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