Hillary Clinton Supporters Set Up Super-PAC for 2016 Race

Supporters of Hillary Clinton for president have created a super-political action committee in case she decides to run for the White House in 2016.

Ready for Hillary, one of two Clinton super-PACs registered with the Federal Election Commission, says on its Facebook page that it was created by five friends, including a former aide and former adviser to the New York Democrat.

Clinton, who is leaving her post as secretary of state, is a former U.S. senator and first lady. Married to former President Bill Clinton, she lost the 2008 Democratic nomination to Barack Obama.

She is mentioned as a potential candidate in the next presidential election, though she hasn’t made any decision as to her future plans. Earlier this month, she reported that she retired her remaining debt from the 2008 campaign.

“We believe Hillary will see that 2016 is the right year, for the right woman for so many different reasons,” the group says on its Facebook page. “The goal is to be as organized and ready as possible for Hillary at that time.”

During an interview on CBS Corp.’s “60 Minutes” show that aired Jan. 27, Clinton declined to discuss her plans, saying she couldn’t “make predictions about what’s going to happen tomorrow, or for the next year.”

Under federal law, anyone can set up a super-PAC to support or oppose any candidate. Those activities can’t be coordinated with the candidate. In 2012, super-PACs, which can take in unlimited donations, were established by close aides of the presidential candidates.

The Center for Public Integrity, a Washington-based watchdog group, identified one of the leaders of the pro-Clinton super-PAC as Allida Black, a George Washington University professor and longtime Clinton supporter.

Another Clinton-related committee, Hillary Clinton Super PAC, also registered with the FEC. That PAC is based in Davenport, Iowa, the state that will select the first delegates to the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

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