Venezuela’s Chavez Faces ‘Complex’ Part Recovery, Jaua Says

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is continuing to recover after cancer surgery last month in Cuba and faces the most complex phase of his recovery, Foreign Minister Elias Jaua said today after returning from a trip to Havana.

“The President is in the process of recovery,” Jaua said in a call to state television. “However, the battle against the most complex and profound part of the sickness is coming.”

Jaua said he met with Chavez in Havana and held political and economic talks.

Chavez has not been seen or heard from since he underwent a fourth surgery for an undisclosed type of cancer Dec. 11. Venezuela will continue to inform the public about the state of Chavez’s health, Information Minister Ernesto Villegas told reporters today in Caracas.

“We’ll give the good news if there is good news and the bad news if there is bad news,” Villegas said.

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