Clinton Wears Glasses for ‘Lingering Issues’ of Concussion

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is wearing glasses rather than her contact lenses because of “lingering issues stemming from her concussion,” according to a spokesman, Philippe Reines.

“With them on she sees just fine,” Reines, deputy assistant secretary of state for public affairs, said in an e-mailed statement.

The New York Daily News reported yesterday that Clinton’s glasses have an adhesive Fresnel prism, which the newspaper said is usually used to bring objects into focus for those with double vision or muscle weakness in the eye.

Reines didn’t comment on the nature of the “lingering issues” that will require Clinton to wear the glasses “for a period of time.”

Clinton, 65, has been wearing glasses since returning to work on Jan. 7 after a series of ailments kept her away for a month. Clinton came down with a stomach virus that led to dehydration, causing her to faint and sustain a concussion, according to the department. She was later hospitalized to treat a blood clot between her brain and skull.