Chelsea’s Eden Hazard Accused of Violent Conduct Toward Ball Boy

England’s Football Association has accused Chelsea midfielder Eden Hazard of using violent conduct following an incident with a ball boy at Swansea.

Hazard received a red card in the 78th minute of the League Cup semifinal on Jan. 23 for kicking at the ball boy who wouldn’t give the ball back. The boy fell on the ball as Hazard tried to retrieve it, with the Belgian then trying to kick it from under the teenager.

The F.A. said in a statement on its website that Hazard’s behavior “constituted violent conduct whereby the standard punishment that would otherwise apply was clearly insufficient.”

Hazard, who received an automatic three-match suspension for the red card, has until 6 p.m. U.K. time on Jan. 29 to respond to the F.A.

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