The Designer's Dilemma

Eminent designers on how to reimagine your product, your business, and your way of thinking
Kanye West on a stage designed by Es Devlin Courtesy Es Devlin

Change is good. We actively seek it within ourselves, for ourselves. We find it invigorating, rewarding, and, sometimes, highly profitable. We want to be redesigned. Or do we? Sometimes the reality of redesign is disruptive—and not in a good way. Through change, we learn that we actually liked that Gap logo just the way it was, thank you very much. And why are you messing with my maps software? What have you done with my city? (And how dare you change my magazine?!) The pressure and desire to innovate can leave consumers cold, confirming that people rarely appreciate having the objects and systems in their lives reimagined without their permission. So how do we pursue new ideas and opportunities without the blowback? That’s the question that we put to some of the world’s most accomplished designers.

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