New Jersey Republican Fundraising Doubles Under Christie

New Jersey’s Republican party doubled its campaign fundraising under the leadership of Governor Chris Christie, who faces re-election in November.

The party’s three-biggest political-action committees raised $4.4 million in 2012, twice as much as in 2008, the year before Christie was elected, according to a report today from the state’s Election Law Enforcement Commission. Democrats raised $2.7 million last year, a 41 percent drop from 2008.

Christie, the first Republican elected New Jersey governor since 1997, ousted Jon Corzine in 2009 as voters rejected the one-term Democrat’s handling of the the state’s economy. Since taking office, Christie has traveled across the U.S. attracting record out-of-state donations for his party.

Republicans have $957,497 of cash on hand, while Democrats have $727,028, according to the report. Democrats control both houses of the legislature, and all 120 seats are up for re-election in November.

“Campaigns are expensive, and candidates and parties have to start planning well ahead to have adequate cash for the election,” Jeff Brindle, executive director of the election commission, said in a statement announcing the report.

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