TIMELINE: 787 Incidents, Most Recent to First Flight

Below is a timeline of Boeing 787 Dreamliner incidents to the plane’s first flight in 2009: * Today, All Nippon, Japan Airlines ground their entire fleet of 787s after an All Nippon plane makes emergency landing because of smoke coming from aircraft *Both carriers cancel all 787 operations for tomorrow *All Nippon says emergency landing may have been caused by battery issue *Japan’s Transport Ministry says it considered today’s emergency landing as “serious” incident that could have led to an accident *India aviation regulator sets up team to study 787 problems; State-owned Air India has six Dreamliners * Jan.14, Japan transport ministry sets up team to investigate previous 787 incidents on ANA, JAL planes * Jan.13, fuel leaks on JAL plane at Tokyo’s Narita airport during maintenance; same plane leaked oil at Logan airport on Jan.8 * Jan.11, cockpit window on All Nippon 787 cracks during flight; Carrier’s another Dreamliner suffers oil leak * Jan.8, JAL 787 returns to Logan Airport after fuel leak * Earlier, UAL finds one improper battery wiring after it inspects Boeing 787 following JAL fire at Logan Airport: Dow Jones * Jan.7, U.S. officials investigating JAL flight 008 at Boston’s Logan airport after a fire in the avionics bay * JAL 787 fire caused “severe” damage to APU unit, NTSB says * BA sees no link between 787 fire and prior woes * Dec. 14, UAL 787 has problem with electrical panel, Qatar Airways says its 787 remains grounded w/faulty generator that is similar UAL’s * Dec. 5, FAA issues airworthiness directive for 787 inspections after fuel leaks on two planes; one a JAL aircraft, other an All Nippon Airways plane * Dec. 4, United 787 makes emergency landing in New Orleans when one of its six generators fails * Oct. 4, GEnx Sept. engine failure caused by dislodged air nozzle in LP turbine * Aug. 9, engine shaft damage detected on GEnx 787 engine during test * Feb. 23, BA says replacing shims improperly installed on 787 to take 10-14 days per plane * NOTE: Aug. 18, 2011, BA to provide JAL with predictive maintenance service * Jan. 18, 2011, initial delivery to All Nippon Airways delayed for 7th time until 3Q after test-jet fire; delay includes time to manufacture, install; test updated software, new electrical power panels * Nov. 9, 2010, fire aboard 787 test jet forces emergency landing in Laredo, Texas. Test flights halted * NOTE: UTX’s aerospace units make 787 electrical system * NOTE: Click here for Bloomberg Industries backlog screen

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