Direct Edge Fixing Software That Executed Orders Out of Sequence

Direct Edge Holdings LLC made changes to its technology to ensure that orders on its EDGA Exchange are handled the way its rules specify, according to a notice by the market operator.

The company said last month that it had discovered two discrepancies between rules that dictate the execution priority for orders sent to its EDGA and EDGX trading venues. In one, orders sent to EDGA may have executed out of sequence, and in the other hidden orders and those for fewer than 100 shares on EDGA and EDGX may have been ignored when they should have traded, Direct Edge said.

The disclosure of the changes comes after an announcement last week by Bats Global Markets Inc. that computer errors permitted almost 450,000 bad trades over four years, costing users less than $500,000 in losses. While Bats’s issue represented a violation of Securities and Exchange Commission rules aimed primarily at ensuring investors get the best possible price, Direct Edge’s notice made no mention of violating regulations, saying it was making changes to ensure its own rules were followed.

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