Bersani Pushes for Higher Income Taxes on Wealthy Italians

Pier Luigi Bersani, the former communist and frontrunner for Italy’s premiership, called for higher taxes on the wealthy and reduced rates for lower earners.

“It’s reasonable to reduce the lowest brackets, the middle and low, and raise the high one a little,” Bersani of the Democratic Party, said today in a televised interview on Sky TG24.

Bersani, 61, is preparing a fiscal program to appeal to his base of supporters in labor unions and to abide by European Union budget rules. The former industry minister said he will push the EU to ease restrictions to combat economic stagnation if he wins the Feb. 24-25 election.

“We have to give a little bit of space to investment immediately,” Bersani said.

Bersani also told Sky TG24 he is open to cooperation with outgoing Prime Minister Mario Monti after the election.

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