Farm-Raised Tuna May Not Be the Answer to Overfishing

Atlantic bluefin tuna at the opening of fishing season off Spain's southern coast Photograph by Emilio Morenatti/AP Photo

With Japan mired in a further recession and electronics giants Sony, Panasonic, and Sharp losing billions of dollars, the Japanese can take consolation that they’re still tops in some things. Case in point: Nobody can beat its fishmongers. Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo is the world’s biggest and its first auction of 2013 again set a record for the world’s priciest tuna. Kiyomura, a sushi chain in Japan’s capital, paid ¥155.4 million ($1.76 million) on Jan. 5 for the honor of buying the first bluefin tuna of the year. That’s triple the record set last year.

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