California’s Brown Finishes Treatment for Prostate Cancer

California Governor Jerry Brown said he has completed radiation treatment for prostate cancer, a month after his office announced his illness.

“I’m ready and I’m raring to go,” the 74-year-old Democrat told reporters today in Sacramento, the capital. “Don’t expect me to leave too soon.”

Brown’s oncologist said in a Dec. 12 statement that the governor had been diagnosed with early-stage, localized prostate cancer, one of the most common forms of the disease affecting men. Local stage means that there is no sign that the cancer has spread outside of the prostate, according to the American Cancer Society’s website. The gland is part of the male reproductive system.

Brown had surgery last year to remove a basal cell carcinoma from the right side of his nose. The procedure was performed as an outpatient with local anesthetic and required some reconstructive surgery, his office said at the time.

Among prostate-cancer survivors are Warren Buffett, the billionaire chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., Rudolph Giuliani, the former New York City mayor, and Andy Grove, former chief executive officer of the world’s largest computer chipmaker, Intel Corp.

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