The Craziest Things Employees Tried to Expense Last Year

The nine most insane things employees tried to expense last year*
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Certify, an expense-management firm based in Portland, Me., shared with Bloomberg Businessweek examples of the more brazen expenses it has collected, based on some 1,000 surveys asking about employees’ submissions in 2012.

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Goat: A group of employees at an energy-supply firm expensed a live goat for a barbecue in Mexico. The goat was last seen fleeing the scene in a sombrero.
Baby Giraffe: The poor young giraffe was brought to an office party for a restaurant/hospitality company. Justice would be served if it kicked someone in the face.
Dunk Tank: The tank was rented to boost employees’ morale—they doused the boss—at an auto parts supplier. Those with good aim were never heard from again.
Pink Flamingo Lawn Ornaments: Someone at a medical device manufacturer apparently needed four. For “tackiness” purposes.
Deer: Getty Images; Bottle: Alamy
Deer Urine: An employee at an agricultural products company used the urine on a hunting trip with a client. Afterward, Bambi filed a complaint with HR.
Laser Tattoo Removal: An IT industry worker decided ink didn’t fit his or her image and sought to “appear more professional to clients.” And to moms.
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Live Baby Octopuses: A Japanese visitor to a pharmaceutical company wanted sushi. Instead of taking him to a restaurant, the company brought the sushi to him, superfresh.
Henri IV Cognac: A financial-services employee sipped one of the world’s most expensive liquors, to the tune of $1,300. “Take that, recession!” he said, right before he was fired.
A Trip for a Job Interview: Someone hated his job with an Internet service provider so much he charged the company to find him a new employer. He now has a gig as a “hijinks” screenwriter.

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