Batasuna Dissolves Two Years After ETA Attacks End, AFP Says

Almost two years after the Basque terror group known as ETA ended its attacks, Batasuna, the political group that shared its goals for the region’s independence from Spain and France, announced it is dissolving, Agence France-Presse reported.

Two spokespeople made the announcement during a news conference today in Bayonne in southwest France, AFP said.

Members of Batasuna, outlawed in Spain though not in France, will pursue political action, the spokespeople said without giving further details, according to AFP.

Spain, the country in continental Europe most affected by domestic and international terrorism, has suffered from violence linked to Basque nationalism for more than a generation. The government is still in talks with ETA to work out how it will disarm and address the future of those members who are in jail or on the run.

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