Most Iranians See Economy as Top Issue for Next President: Poll

Fifty-seven percent of Iranians believe that tackling the country’s economic issues should be the next government’s top priority, according to a poll by the state-run Mehr news agency’s polling center on public perceptions of the June presidential elections.

Of those questioned, 46.8 percent said they would definitely or most probably vote while 13.4 percent said they were undecided, the state-run news agency said in a report published yesterday. Of those surveyed, 7.5 percent said they will probably not vote and 31.9 percent that they definitely won’t.

A total of 42.9 percent said they were highly or somewhat motivated to participate, Mehr said. Of those interviewed, 58 percent said the contest was highly or to some extent significant, while 40.9 said it had little, or no significance with 1.1 percent declining to answer.

Of the respondents, 44.8 percent said they will follow elections news on state television or radio, 14.1 percent via newspapers and 7.7 percent on websites, according to the poll; 6.9 percent said they will rely on foreign media, 6 percent on their friends and the rest didn’t respond.

The poll was carried out on Dec. 13, when 1,246 individuals were questioned. The news agency’s polling center didn’t provide a margin of error for the survey.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad isn’t eligible to seek a third term in the June 14 presidential elections.

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