Lebanon Bans Imports From Brazilian State After Cow Death

Lebanon banned meat imports from the Brazilian state of Parana after a cow was reportedly infected with a precursor of mad cow disease.

The Lebanese ban adds to restrictions imposed by countries including China, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, South Africa, South Korea and Japan, Tatiana Prazeres, Brazil’s foreign trade secretary, told reporters in Brasilia today.

“We do not discard the possibility of questioning the meat import bans before the World Trade Organization,” Prazeres said. “We will prove that there’s no sanitation reason for the bans.”

Brazil is the world’s biggest meat exporter, according to the country’s Agriculture Ministry. The ministry said Dec. 7 that tests on a 13-year-old cow that died in Parana in 2010 showed it carried the “causing agent of bovine spongiform encephalopathy,” or mad cow disease. The animal didn’t develop the disease, nor did the agent cause its death, according to the ministry.

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