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Scott Anthony, Innovation’s 'Dr. Disruptive'

Scott Anthony, Innovation???s 'Dr. Disruptive'
Courtesy Innosight

After graduating from Harvard’s MBA program, Scott D. Anthony pursued what he calls “my disruptive PhD.” Actually, there is no such degree. What Anthony did turned out to be much more valuable: He was a senior researcher at Harvard Business School, where he worked with Professor Clayton Christensen, co-founder of the consulting firm Innosight and the leading authority on innovation—disruptive or otherwise. In those two years, Anthony was schooled in innovation theory, an education that proved invaluable. The typical path for a young Harvard MBA might have been to go back to McKinsey & Co., where he started his career, or take a corporate strategy job, but Anthony says once he joined Innosight in 2003, he “never looked back.”

On Dec. 11, Anthony was elected managing partner of the Boston innovation consulting firm. Since 2010 he has been leading the firm’s move into Asia from Singapore, where he plans to remain. In a series of e-mails, Anthony, 37, discussed the state of innovation, the barriers corporations face trying to innovate, and the challenges of managing a business from more than 9,000 miles away.

Scott Anthony
Courtesy Innosight