How to Handle MBA Admissions Anxiety

Chillax! Worrying won't get you into your top B-school pick, but these tips may help you pass the time Photograph by Glen Wexler/Gallery Stock

‘Tis the season for pulling out your hair as you anxiously await word on whether or not you got into your dream MBA program. You’ve taken to the Business School Forums to share either hope or disgust with your chances. You’re checking your e-mail every five minutes. And you might be experiencing cold sweats, heart palpitations, even insomnia. Still, you’d like to regain control of your life, keep your mind off possible rejection, and maybe enjoy the holidays. It’s not impossible, says Edward A. Charlesworth, a clinical psychologist in Houston and co-author of Stress Management: A Comprehensive Guide to Wellness (Ballantine Books, revised 2004). Take a few deep breaths and consider Charlesworth’s suggestions for reducing dreaded admissions anxiety:

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