B-School News Roundup: CEIBS Dean Returns to Harvard

Photograph by Xie Baosheng/AP Photo

Side Benefits of Attending B-School: The 10 Most Under-Rated Reasons Why You Should Get an MBA (Forbes)

A New Perspective on Ethics: Local Business Schools Change Course (Times of Northwest Indiana)

Frequent Fliers: Flying Across Borders to Get an EMBA (New York Times)

Pointing the Finger at B-Schools: Are Business Schools Clueless or Evil? (Harvard Business Review)

First Dibs on Top B-School Talent: Recruiters Roll Out the Red Carpet for MBA Students (Financial Times)

A Day in the Life of an MBA in Pictures: This Wharton MBA Plans His Days Down to the Minute (Business Insider)

Mastering a Delicate Balancing Act: 10 Work-Life Balance Tips for MBA Students (U.S. News & World Report)

John Quelch Heads Back to Harvard After Short Tenure Leading Asian B-School: CEIBS Dean Steps Down, Moving Back to HBS (Wall Street Journal)

Using India as a Classroom: Students from Top U.S. B-Schools Coming to India to Learn About Economy, Business and Markets (Economic Times)

Colorado State B-School Program Encourages Innovation in Kenya: CSU Helps Launch Entrepreneurship Program in Africa (Coloradoan)

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