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Digg’s New Business: Finding Apps You’ll Love

Digg???s New Business: Finding Apps You???ll Love
Photograph by Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

When, a New York company, acquired some assets of the earliest social news sharing service Digg and refocused on Digg, its chance of making it was seen as a long shot. And while that dark prognosis hasn’t changed, Digg has come up with a business model—making app discovery easier—that could set it on the right path and in the process show others a new way of doing business.

Back in the day, when Digg was still a dominant force on the Web, the company essentially came up with the “sponsored story links as an ad-unit” concept, which proved to be quite successful, since it fit in with the overall usage behavior of Digg’s community. The new Digg has taken that concept and applied it to mobile apps. They call this Apps We Love. Apps that meet Digg’s criterion will pay an undisclosed amount of money to be featured.