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Creating a Linked-In Profile That Works

Creating a Linked-In Profile That Works
Photograph by Scott Eells/Bloomberg

Using social networks has become a standard piece of the job search. It’s all part of networking and using your networks to help you find that dream job. The reality is many job seekers don’t know how to use those networks effectively. You may think listing your former employers and education on LinkedIn is enough, but that’s simply not the case.

Recently, I have been spending more time on LinkedIn as I try to identify contacts in various organizations with whom I would like to network. I’m also going through one of those spurts in activity during which a number of people are asking to be part of my network. Through this process, I am finding that many of these contacts have very skeletal profiles. It’s difficult to truly connect with people if they aren’t as willing to share the depth of their professional experiences as I am.